Has your freezer supplied by Peters in need of repair? Here's what to do:

  1. If possible, move Peters stock to a backup freezer
  2. Make note of the freezer cabinet number. This is a five or six digit number affixed to the side or back of the freezer, typically printed on a blue label
  3. Call Kingloc on toll free 1800 653 986 or complete the Service Request Form online to report the breakdown. Kingloc handle all servicing and repair on behalf of Peters. Kingloc will ask for the cabinet number and arrange a suitable time for a technician to visit and repair
  4. Make a note and count of stock that is considered "lost" and not suitable for sale. The Kingloc technician will also make a note of this lost stock and report back to Peters for replacement consideration once the freezer has been repaired

    Note: this applies only to Peters stock and only in the event the freezer is at fault. Power outages such as the power supply being accidentally removed by a staff member or general supplier power outages are not considered for stock replacement
  5. Your freezer will be repaired and if applicable, Peters stock replaced as soon as possible
  6. Inform J&L Borgo that your freezer requires repair (via any contact method listed below) with the Kingloc reference number

Feel free to contact J&L Borgo or your Sales Representative with any questions.